Some days can be difficult and some can be easy. Yesterday was one of those difficult days and today feels like it could be the same. I am all alone in my mind even though I have people around me. I miss my best friend and the longing to see them hurts at my very core. Justifying this life of misery is difficult and I contemplate my existence and wonder about change. We are made from stars and perhaps I want to burn brightly again. I must, however, consider when to stop, when to realize happiness is but a distant memory in the smallest fraction of my existence and my form now is but a heartbeat in my whole time, I shall be stars again and I shall be in the blackest of space, I will be in the ground and in the water, in the air and in the clouds. One day I will be removed from this concentrated form and I will become the universe and everyone else will be there with me intertwining in the infinite space and it will be peaceful and quiet and in no way lonely.